M&A activity is trending towards an all-time high in the technology space, and with the recent statistics pointing to over 40% of technology firm owners looking to retire in the next 7 years, maybe it is time to think about your own readiness to sell. Linda has successfully acquired and sold four companies (two for 100% cash at close) and she specializes in helping small-to-midsize  IT executives prepare for the ultimate “exit”. Getting your company to the point where it becomes attractive to a buyer is half the battle.

Our M&A Readiness Services will help sellers:

  • Design pre-sale strategies to marketing your company – even before you decide to sell
  • Step through the emotional decision to leave entirely or continue with less equity while continuing to work for the new buyers
  • Getting your financials in order – understanding the correct presentation of EBITDA and how to maximize it
  • In-depth review of your customer base and your organizational structure for the most optimal valuation
  • Understand the difference between a strategic buyer and a financial buyer and how to position yourself accordingly.

Remember the best companies are bought not sold.

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